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The Home Of Jim's Dad

Where will he be today?

The FilmSoc Office
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This is the journal of Lancaster University Film Society. It was created for members of the exec (and anyone else I chose to give the password to) to keep a record of what goes on in the society and within the group and just to have a bitch if necessary, we don't need to know who posted it!!

This might not be a great idea, it might get abused, or nobody might use it... we'll see, just post away and have fun!

Remember, worse things have happened at sea :-)

In general we like: gossip, curry, films, cinema,
~ Alex H: badgers, mushroom, snake,katie holmes, mushroom, girlfriend, tongue piercing, the big lady betsie,
~ Alex E: Vicky, arses, sexy accents, Weebl & Bob, DDR, JD,
~ Anna: chocolate, boyfriends
~ Bella: jim's dad, clubbing, rugby players, tea with friends, checking out guys
~ James: being vice-prez,
~ Luis: Mili, pina colada, comics, twix, BUFFY!!
~ Nick: no stress, non-alcoholic / hungover exec meetings, seeing drunk exec members on Spine
~ Rich: ?
~ Vicki: eastenders, archie, rabbit, pencil sharpener, chocolate
archie, arses, boyfriends, buffy!!, checking out guys, chocolate, cinema, clubbing, comics, curry, ddr, films, girlfriend, it might get abused, jd, katie holmes, mushroom, pencil sharpener, pina colada, rabbit, remember, rugby players, sexy accents, snake, tea with friends, the big lady betsie, tongue piercing, twix, weebl & bob, ~ alex e: vicky, ~ alex h: badgers, ~ anna: chocolate, ~ bella: jim's dad, ~ james: being vice-prez, ~ luis: mili, ~ nick: no stress, ~ rich: ?, ~ vicki: eastenders